Vocational Exploration and Work-Learning Programs


There are lots of different ways to gain the experience you need to develop your professional skills, and further your career development. Here are some of the opportunities Gordon offers.

Academic Internships are arranged for college credit and require intensive learning in a workplace setting aligned with a student’s major or minor. Internships can be paid or unpaid.

Career Services Internships are 0-credit academic experiences, which are arranged by the student and which align with the student’s major or minor. They must be done through the Career Services Office. They can be paid or unpaid.

Cooperative Education provides an opportunity for a student to work for compensation while learning about his or her field of study. Co-ops are always paid and require 20-40 hours per week.

Elijah Project is an innovative, multi-dimensional honors program. The 12 month program includes two four-credit seminar courses, individualized summer internships within the student’s field of study or interest, and a community living arrangement during the final academic year of the program in which students participate in fellowship, cultural events and field trips. Throughout the program, the Elijah Project facilitates reflection and discernment regarding vocation as a response to the needs of the world and the call of God.

Gordon Global Internships are internships that allow students to get competitive international work experience in an area they are interested in. This highly selective program provides rich cross-cultural experiences, helps students build networks with global organizations in diverse areas of work and ministry, and positions students well to meet challenges in an increasingly competitive world. Internships can be arranged for credit though most are 0-credit and the majority are unpaid opportunities.

The A. J. Gordon Summer Missions Fellowship is an opportunity for Gordon students to develop their leadership skills and gain an international perspective by serving with a cross-cultural missionary or an indigenous Christian leader serving in a global agency somewhere in the world. Fellowships must be 8 weeks or longer and are open to current sophomores and juniors. The Fellowship covers all travel costs (up to $4000) and a $1000 grant upon completion of requirements.

Practica are 400+ hour placements required of Christian ministries, education, music education and social work majors in a professional setting often meeting licensure requirements.

Off-Campus Programs both through Gordon College or the Best Semester Program of the Coalition of Christian College and Universities (CCCU) include internships as program requirements. Programs offering internships include the American Studies Program, Gordon in Boston, Los Angeles Film Studies, Urban Studies Program – San Francisco (of Westmont College) and others.

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